Brooklyn Insitute for Social Research Course on Photography and Social Networks

Brooklyn Institute for Social Research course image

This looks like an interesting course on photographic distribution, audience and engagement. From the course website:

In recent decades, critical analyses of photography are increasingly concerned with questions of audience engagement and technological production. This course embarks upon a study of historical and theoretical perspectives on photography—from experiments in daguerreotype to current practices in the digital sphere, including social media—by analyzing the different forms in which photographs are distributed, circulated, and consumed.  Whether seen as a machine for reproducing images, a fashionable toy for the masses, a pastime for amateurs, a generator of profit, a tool for scientific inquiry, or a device for categorizing and classifying populations, the question of circulation has haunted photography since the 19th century, constantly affecting the way that photography is understood and discussed. Leveraging this historical background, we will take our inquiry into the new millennium, challenging contemporary assumptions about its “new” media, and investigating photography as a heterogeneous, stratified phenomenon.



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