Some ideas for adding a social practice unit to a Photography 101 class

For readings related to social practice, and what it means and how it functions. Lacy has an amazing diagram about audience. The ideas they talk about can be extrapolated to include projects that use images, though they themselves are not discussing images.

  • Suzanne Lacy’s Mapping the Terrain 
  • Tom Finkelpearl’s What We Made
  • And three books by Julie Ault: Tell it to my Heart   Show and Tell  Come Alive (Julie is an AMAZING writer, and also gets at the heart of collaboration. Though her work and these writings she illustrates what a robust process looks like, and how things that you might not have thought of as art forms–curation, for example–can themselves become art. To me, this is helpful for getting myself to treat parts of my own process as valuable, nuanced and interesting that I initially didn’t examine because I was so focused on the image by itself.)

Readings about inequality and representation:

  • Paulo Friere‘s seminal text, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, sets an incredible framework for any collaborative actions and poses challenging questions

In terms of projects,

Contemporary criticism:

  • I think Pete Brook is the most exciting photo critic writing today. His blog Prison Photography is fantastic and has amazing resources.


For ideas about how photography can be thought about a little differently, and for examples of photography as the subject of a social practice project


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